What's a Wayfinder?
In the center of the Village of
Kimberton, Chester County,
Pennsylvania, USA is this
A wayfinder is one of those all too familiar directional and mileage posts that help us find our way. These iconic symbols of travel have been spotted at state and national parks, airports, in town squares, along the Appalachian Trail and every tiki bar from Key West to Maui. But they’ve never been viewed as, nor designed as an accessory for residential gardens or outdoor living spaces. That is, not until MetroVanes™.

What are MetroVanes?
MetroVanes™ are wayfinders too, with one big difference. They’re personalized. You get to pick the destinations and places that have become important; places filled with good times, places filled with difficult but strengthening times, places you’ve been or maybe places still on your bucket list. Places where every arrow represents a memory and has its own story.

Built to take whatever nature throws at it, a personalized MetroVane™ is the real article. It’s solid. It’s made to impress - and it does. Our eight foot units strike an interesting balance; eye catching yet blends nicely into any garden, or outdoor living space.
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