Personalized arrows also sold separately without post / accessories
Provide the address your MetroVane™ is to be located (the install location).
Provide addresses for the destinations of your choice: choose from 3 destinations up to 8 destinations.
– Give us the name of the destination town
– Give us the country in which the town is located
With this customer provided input, we’ll manufacture a beautiful accent,
conversation piece and focal point for any outdoor living space.
latitude-longitude coordinates and elevation for the destination
image of the country’s national flag or official seal
distance in miles or kilometers (if appropriate) from the install location to the destination town
the correct course setting from the install location to the town embedded into the arrows’ post positions
**Special Requests – No Problem

If your destination is a domestic landmark like Mt. Rushmore, or Outer Banks, or an overseas destination like the Victoria Falls, or Stonehenge without specific addresses, we can handle it.

For added personal touch - a destination can be a special family given name to a vacation retreat, like “The Willow’s Cabin.” We can handle that, too.

Fill-in field “SPECIAL REQUEST” on the order form for

arrow(s) that don’t conform to the usual Destination, Coordinates and Mileage template: for example, if you want an arrow pointing to “The Beach, 75 steps”, or to “The Barn, 120 yards” – that sort of request is no problem. Just give us the information. And give us the approximate distance.

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