Design Tips
Through a step by step design process, youll provide us with the locations/addresses information. Well compose the arrows and e-mail back to you a pdf proof of each arrow for approval or change. Manufacturing begins after your approval signoffs. Expect it taking 2 to 3 weeks before we ship. The MetroVane comes neatly packaged along with easy to follow instructions to complete assembling and installation.
Designing and positioning
your MetroVane™.
Personalize it with destinations that mean something: the town where your grand parents grew up; where you served in the military or studied a year abroad; where you spent an unforgettable summer or where you met your sweetheart. You want every arrow to mean something to you and your family.
Seek balance and symmetry. Prevent arrows all going in the same direction by selecting destinations from opposite and flanking compass points. This will result in a more interesting MetroVane™.
And think about this - the arrows are end-mounted, printed double-side, readable from all angles and up to 90 feet away. With the 5” X 2’ arrows fanning out from the post, your MetroVane™ could have a wingspan up to four feet.

Our standard units include:
3 destination “arrows” 5 inches deep by 2 feet wide, round corners, printed double side on aluminum composite panels
Choice of bolting flange for surface mount or aluminum sleeve for in-ground burial
Round 2.375” diameter steel post, powder coated black
Dome cap for post, powder coated black
Heavy duty aluminum arrow brackets. Includes hardware
Download the
Assembly Instructions

MetroVanes are offered in 6 and 8 ft. tall units when surface mounted. Units can be buried below surface (2 ft.) for a lower profile.  Refer to step 3 of the order form or download the Assembly instructions for more information.
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